Quick & confident content planning & creation




In this series of trainings and accompanying workbook you’ll learn a tried and tested system for coming up with content ideas, creating the content and getting it out into the world.

Designed by and for neurodivergent brains, the Out of the Jungle system provides a structure but also variations and adjustments within that structure to encourage you to find what makes it work for you.

“I’ve loved these sessions Alexis, thank you!” – Suzanne Buckley.

Across five, 20 minute video trainings, I walk you through a simple framework for your social media content creation workflow that you can adjust and adapt easily to work for you.

On purchase you get access to a Notion board with links to the Out of the Jungle playlist, with closed captions and transcripts, and workbook, plus standard written text on each stage of the framework – yay for accessibility!

“I’ve found this series so useful. Literally a map to take away some of the overwhelm of content creation. And there’s a LOT of it.” – Liz Fisher.


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