Reach more people who actually want what you’re talking about with hashtags




Learn how to research and use hashtags effectively on Instagram to reach new people who are looking for exactly the thing you’re posting about.

Effective hashtag training for neurodivergent brains.

If you:

  • Are totally overwhelmed by hashtags.
  • Don’t know what hashtags are for.
  • Want to reach more people who want to see what you’re posting.
  • Wish the community side of social media was the main focus.
  • Use hashtags but aren’t seeing results.
  • Know you should be using hashtags but don’t know how.

And you want:

  • Actionable advice to make hashtags make sense.
  • A step by step explanation on how to do hashtag research.
  • Clear tips on using hashtags effectively.
This hashtags for humans training is for you.

I’ll walk you through how to actually do hashtag research and how to use the hashtags you find most effectively.

These are tried and tested methods that I use with my clients and have taught to lots of other business owners with great results!


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