One of the big struggles for many business owners is coming up with engaging new content ideas for their social media. It’s tough so I’m sharing some of my fail safe ideas for finding inspiration and building a backlog of great post ideas so you never run out of inspiration again.

Have a note taking system.

Content inspiration can strike at the weirdest times so having something set up in advance to allow you to make a quick note of your idea when you’re in the shower, at 3am or while cooking is essential. Whether you prefer a notes app, voice notes on your phone or carrying a pen and paper absolutely everywhere, find a system that works for you and implement it.

Trudy shared how she collects her content ideas on the podcast.



Think outside the box.

Not all your content needs to be 100% directly related to your product or service. If you’re a sustainable hair care brand, your posts don’t need to only be about sustainable shampoo, you can share general hair care advice, styles, hair type help, sustainability news, the story of your ingredients, and so much more.

Don’t hem yourself in, go broad with your content to reach the most people.

Listen to your audience.

While you’re doing your outreach engagement, make a note of what people are asking and talking about. Creating content based on what your ideal clients are actually thinking about right now is the absolute best way to reach them!

You can also find out what’s popular right now by popping a keyword or two into Answer The Public, or find some broader topics from Google Trends.

Take inspiration from outside your industry.

Don’t only look at people in your industry for inspiration, see what other brands and businesses are doing too. If you work as a body-inclusive Pilates teacher, step outside of the Pilates bubble and see what’s going on with some self love accounts, fashion accounts and even tech accounts. You may spot a great concept for a post, some discourse that you’re surprisingly well placed to weigh in on, or some awesome phrasing for your next engagement focused post.

Embrace hashtag holidays.

I know you’ve seen experts saying not to use these, that the endless national day posts are so last year, but I disagree.

You can use those posts for inspiration without posting on the day itself. If you notice it’s Find A Rainbow Day and you’re inspired to write a post about finding the positives in tough situations, go for it! Use the hashtag holidays as a kind of word association game for inspiration and see where your brain takes you.

One of the things I love about the Heart and Soul Digital content planner is that it has all the hashtag holidays in!

Monthly tab of the Heart and Soul Digital content planner showing a selection of national days and room to plan social media content.

So there you have it, 5 ways to find inspiration for your next social media post and ensure you always have a stack of content ideas to work from in future! As a bonus tip, over in the Social Media for Humans membership we share post inspiration every single week.

Whatever you post about, be a human.

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