Trudy How is a Pilates teacher for fun loving people and owner of Pawprints Pilates and a Piece of Cake. She’s also one of the founding members of the Social Media for Humans Club and we are so honoured to have her.

Trudy’s aim is to spread the joy of Pilates around the world and make sure everyone knows that Pilates is for everybody and every body. Her classes are a safe place where you’re encouraged to embrace the wobble, check in with your own body and, most importantly, have fun!

Her positive attitude ensure that fun translates to her clients whether at in the studio or during over the internet classes, while her supportive and compassionate nature mean you never feel too weird sharing your quirks with her. Something that really makes her classes special – you can show up as your true self, whoever that is, and you know you’ll find a place there.

Honest and body positive.

Trudy is also super honest about her own difficulties recovering from a knee injury, struggling to rest it as an active person, and is now using that journey to inspire some of her content. We love the kind of content that says “I can teach you stuff but I’m not perfect, let’s figure it out together.”

Trudy also owns the fact that she’s not your typical gym bunny. Her focus is on making movement enjoyable, so you look forward to class with anticipation and take the strength, balance and calm you gain into your everyday life.

Doing it differently.

We’re big believers in it’s not what you do but how you do it and Trudy is a great demonstration of why that is. In a health and fitness industry populated by messages of body judgement, shame and exercise as punishment for eating “bad” food, Trudy flips it all on its head and says “move your amazing body, have fun and try this delicious cake.”

We think the world needs more Trudys – humans who challenge the status quo simply by doing what they love. If you love Trudy and her whole ethos as much as we do, why not book a class with her or give her a follow on Instagram or Facebook.

Come back soon to meet more inspiring and wonderful humans!

Trudy shared her struggles and successes with social media, Autism and ADHD on the podcast.

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