Thank you for purchasing the freelancer’s Notion template.

I create my templates with a lot of love and a touch of hyperfocus and it makes me so happy when someone buys one.

I really hope you love it and it supports you in your freelance life.

Want some help getting set up?

When personalising remember to consider:

  • What you want to achieve using Notion.
  • What you love about your current set up and what works with it.
  • What isn’t working about your current set up and why.
  • What you need to add and what you can remove.


I offer Notion Audits to help you make your Notion a tool rather than a time suck! We focus on what you actually need from your Notion set-up and how to make it work based on how your brain works.

If that sounds like it could be helpful, I’d be thrilled to work with you – and it doesn’t even have to just be on the template you just purchased!

Book a 30 minute Notion Audit with me for £30 for a little extra help making your new template work for you.

Not ready right now? No worries – you can find the booking link on the template itself too if a couple of weeks down the line you find you could do with a quick check in and some help, you can book then super easily.