Easy engagement training for neurodivergent brains.

I hate sales pages so here’s the deal.

If you:

  • Are totally overwhelmed by outreach engagement.

  • Don’t know what outreach engagement is.

  • Want to counteract the endless algorithm tweaks.

  • Wish the community side of social media was the main focus.

  • Find social stuff really hard.

  • Have brain gremlins that shut your brain off when peopling.

  • Know you should be engaging but don’t know how.

And you want:

  • Actionable advice to make outreach engagement easier.

  • To ask questions and get advice tailored to your specific brain gremlins.

  • Time to practice with a compassionate, knowledgeable social media expert on hand for questions and support.

  • To find a method of doing outreach engagement that works for you.

  • To stick your middle finger up at Zuckerberg and his cronies.

This easy engagement training is for you.

I’ll walk you through a variety of ways to make outreach engagement super easy based on my own brain gremlins and those other neurodivergent business owners I’ve worked with.

These are tried and tested methods that put your needs and brain function first.

I’m also a solutions focused gal so if the suggestions I make don’t work for you, I will figure out a method that will based on what your specific problems are.


  • It costs £15.
  • It’s on Thursday 23rd June at 6pm UK time.
  • It’s 90 minutes long.
  • It’s only available live (no replay).
  • I will pitch the Social Media for Humans membership to you via email after.

If you don't know me - hi!

I’m Alexis. I’m neurodivergent and have learned to “people” effective through DBT workbooks, peer-support and a lot of therapy.

I’ve also worked as a social media manager for 5 years and have had to find a whole variety of different ways of doing things to allow me to do my job effectively and not have a breakdown.

I consider myself to be Mr Zuckerberg’s worst nightmare as my mission is to make sure everyone knows that individuals have the power to change how social media works and give them the knowledge and tools to do it.

Alexis outside with lush grass and trees behind her, some daisies growing in the grass. She is wearing a gold and black striped top and has short pink hair and an undercut.