Let’s be honest, there are a lot of social networks for you to choose from now, and a lot of ways to exist on each. Should you be posting every business moment to Snapchat? Or is Instagram where it’s at? Is Twitter worth it? Can you sell on TikTok? What about Facebook?

Follow the crowd.

Choosing a platform is actually much simpler than many businesses realise; go where your audience is.

You know your clients and customers, if they mention that they saw a local event on Facebook while they’re stood at your checkout, make a mental note. If they have social links in their email signature, jot it down. Get an idea of where the people who already love you like to hang out online.
Starting where your current client base already is allows you to leverage them to build your reputation online quickly and it’s a strong indicator that people like them are also on that platform.

Shona Chambers shared her advice on finding your audience on the podcast.


Consider the core of the platform.

Instagram is all about the visuals. To succeed on the ‘gram you need great photos or videos but don’t rule it out just because you’re service based – graphics, quotes and stats also do well.

Twitter is very politically charged and news based. With the addition of Fleets (Stories) and Spaces (Clubhouse) they are definitely heading in a more varied direction but it still remains a place for short thoughts on trending topics and current events.

Facebook is the grandfather of social media now and, despite the seemingly endless slew of bad press, is still the most popular social network by a long way. With the ability to share photos, videos, long-form text, Stories, and even events, it has a lot to offer.

TikTok is a super creative platform of short form videos. Especially popular with Gen Z and Millennials but with a more communities on there than you might expect. If you enjoy having fun with video, it’s a good place to try out.

Snapchat may appear to be on the ropes but they are coming out fighting. With updates to their VR & AR lenses, teaming up with Tinder and getting really creative with what their app can offer, I’m not writing them off just yet. It’s still popular with younger users and offers a feeling of privacy which is increasingly valuable in an age of data mining and breaches.

YouTube is commonly not considered a social platform, more often used to house videos to be embedded on websites or shared elsewhere. It can be a great way to build your reputation and make human connections, especially if you love creating longer form video.

Why have I not mentioned Pinterest? Pinterest is a very pretty search engine, not a social network! Learn more about Pinterest.

Person wearing a blue suit and yellow top looking shocked at their phone. Text reads "choosing a social network for your small business. Which platforms you need to prioritise.

The social network decision tl;dr*

So which social network should your small business be on? Pick one or two that suit your business based on what the platform is about and where your customers are.

If you need advice with choosing which social network to be on, consider joining the Social Media for Humans club.

*tl;dr = too long; didn’t read. The key information from the post.

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