Stop social media overwhelm

A woman with her head in her hands sits looking at a tablet PC at a desk with crumpled papers on it.

Overwhelm is something that’s been coming up a lot so we’ve shared some tried and tested ways to make social less stressful.

Meet the Human: Trudy How

Trudy How is a Pilates teacher for fun loving people and owner of Pawprints Pilates and a Piece of Cake. She’s also one of the founding members of the Social Media for Humans Club and we are so honoured to have her. Trudy’s aim is to spread the joy of Pilates around the world and […]

Why Online Community Engagement Is Key For Your Brand

A chalkboard with the word "community" on it, the O replaced by a red heart.

A very warm welcome to community manager, Suzanne Buckley, who is sharing with us why online community engagement is so important. Suzanne is an expert in managing online communities; Facebook groups, membership sites and everything in between, and she keeps the human connection at the core of her work. Community is a buzzword in online […]

The Basics: Twitter

A phone with the Twitter login screen open and an espresso cup with espresso in it on a table.

Can’t afford a social media manager? No problem, here are the Twitter basics so you can launch your account with professionalism.

15 ways to use Instagram’s features

A phone open to the Instagram loading screen against a backdrop of yellow and orange autumnal leaves.

Instagram has a tonne of features now which is very exciting if you work in social media and very overwhelming if you’re a small business owner! In this post we’re giving you 3 ideas for each of their 5 main features to help you understand what they’re great for and inspire you to give them […]

Secrets of the Instagram algorithm

A phone open to the Instagram loading screen against a backdrop of yellow and orange autumnal leaves.

Do you want to beat the Instagram algorithm? Ensure your posts get seen by all your followers? Boost engagement, double your DMs and hit a million followers? We all love these quick fix promises. Tips that ‘guarantee’ an overnight change in your social media fortunes and, possibly more importantly, lay the blame for a stagnating […]

How to meme as a business

A fluffy, white own with yellow eyes making a shocked face.

The internet loves a meme. We love that #relatable content, a lighthearted look at life, a way to connect often across cultural and language divides. They can be a great way to show a little of your personality on your business’ social media but overuse them and you lose your own voice. an image, video, […]

Instagram for small business

A phone open to the Instagram loading screen against a backdrop of yellow and orange autumnal leaves.

So how to do actually use Instagram as a small business to grow your brand recognition, build trust and reach even more potential customers?
All the tips you need to do just that in this article.

Why your small business needs a website.

A Black woman working on a computer at an organised desk with papers and a coffee.

Remember when the Facebook and its family of apps dealt with a huge outage, the longest in the company’s history? If you were running your small business entirely through social media you may have felt a rising panic as the downtime ticked into hours.

That is exactly why your small business needs a website.