How to create copy that converts without manipulation

We are so thrilled to have Rachel Baker of The Ethical Copywriter sharing how to create copy that converts without manipulation. Words are powerful and persuasive. They’re how we communicate – and for businesses, they’re often how we make sales. But as we know, with power comes great responsibility. Language is packed with psychological nuance, […]

The importance of transparency in your communications

A pair of hands holding the earth. Text reads "A pair of hands holding the earth. Text reads "The importance of transparency in ethical business communications.""

Being transparent in your business is important as an ethical business. Today we’re welcoming Melissa Hobson, a sustainability & conservation communications consultant & copywriter to explain how you can effectively communicate what’s going on in your business and why. Are you a business trying to be more sustainable, ethical and responsible in your practices? Do […]

It’s time for kindness

Sarah of Time for Kindness shares the power of choosing to believe in kindness and how we can start seeing it on social media.

Cash flow for small businesses

Three saplings gradually increasing in size growing out of 3 stacks of

If you’re as confused by cash flow and business finance as we are, you’ll find this fabulous guest post from Kathryn Frimond of Your Local Bookkeeper very useful! How do you know when it’s the right time to outsource management of your social media? Can you afford to pay for social media advertising and how […]

How to make sustainable changes in your business

Reusable tableware and decorations often found in a party kit.

We are so thrilled to have Isabel Mack of Party Kit Network sharing her amazing tips to make your business more sustainable. There’s been a growing focus on sustainable living, but what does this really mean? And how can we implement changes within our own businesses?  The Need for Sustainable Changes It’s become difficult to […]

Let’s talk about live video.

Smiling African American woman vlogger broadcasting a live video cooking demonstration.

Head human, Alexis Bushnell, explains why live video isn’t the end all be all of your small business’ social media strategy.

From relationship-building to friendship-making

Sally in front of a wall mural. She is bending slightly and has her hands outstretched in a welcoming and excited motion.

We are so excited to share this guest post all about social media as a social and community building experience from Sal, of Ducky Zebra. Using social media like a human is, unsurprisingly, something we’re very passionate about so without further ado, over to Sal! Are you a product based business? If so, I’m sure […]

3 things to be wary of in social media marketing

A skull and crossbones flag flying against a light blue sky.

We are so thrilled to have Claudia Kozeny-Pelling sharing 3 social media marketing tactics that we all need to be aware of whether we’re marketing our own services or buying something ourselves. Income claim marketing If you’re active on social media, you’ll probably have seen an increase in posts and ads that sound a bit […]

Using Canva for small businesses

A stack of canvases, the front one blank with the Canva logo on it, the ones beneath covered in bright colours.

Welcome to Kate Browning of Cherry Blossom Management, virtual assistant and Canva expert! Kate is sharing how small business owners like you can make the most of Canva, whatever your budget! Canva is such a fantastic graphic design and marketing tool, where even with the free version you can use some fantastic features to really […]