From relationship-building to friendship-making

Sally in front of a wall mural. She is bending slightly and has her hands outstretched in a welcoming and excited motion.

We are so excited to share this guest post all about social media as a social and community building experience from Sal, of Ducky Zebra. Using social media like a human is, unsurprisingly, something we’re very passionate about so without further ado, over to Sal! Are you a product based business? If so, I’m sure […]

Implementing strategy while neurodivergent with Trudy How

Trudy (she/her) is a Pilates teacher who loves sharing the joy of Pilates with fun loving clients. She’s also on the Autistic spectrum and has ADHD. In this episode we talk about the difficulties of creating and implementing a social media strategy while neurodivergent and how she’s growing her business through it.

3 things to be wary of in social media marketing

A skull and crossbones flag flying against a light blue sky.

We are so thrilled to have Claudia Kozeny-Pelling sharing 3 social media marketing tactics that we all need to be aware of whether we’re marketing our own services or buying something ourselves. Income claim marketing If you’re active on social media, you’ll probably have seen an increase in posts and ads that sound a bit […]

Using Canva for small businesses

A stack of canvases, the front one blank with the Canva logo on it, the ones beneath covered in bright colours.

Welcome to Kate Browning of Cherry Blossom Management, virtual assistant and Canva expert! Kate is sharing how small business owners like you can make the most of Canva, whatever your budget! Canva is such a fantastic graphic design and marketing tool, where even with the free version you can use some fantastic features to really […]

Everything Instagram with Lattes for Lunch

This is the transcript of the podcast episode Everything Instagram with Lattes for Lunch. You can find the video version with closed captions at the end of this post or over on YouTube. Alexis is in italics and Nicole is in normal text. Hello, hello. I am here with the lovely Nicole. Do you want […]

Guidance call June 2021

Topics covered in June 2021’s group guidance call. Click the topic to go straight to that section of the video. Planning themed content; what do I post where and when? How do I grow my email list with my content?

Facebook groups with Emma Cossey

Freelance coach and Facebook group hipster, Emma Cossey (she/her), shares her thoughts and tips for Facebook groups whether you’re growing your own or getting involved in other people’s. We talk about the shift from community to sales, common Facebook group problems and how to be a good group member.

Stop social media overwhelm

A woman with her head in her hands sits looking at a tablet PC at a desk with crumpled papers on it.

Overwhelm is something that’s been coming up a lot so we’ve shared some tried and tested ways to make social less stressful.

Meet the Human: Trudy How

Trudy How is a Pilates teacher for fun loving people and owner of Pawprints Pilates and a Piece of Cake. She’s also one of the founding members of the Social Media for Humans Club and we are so honoured to have her. Trudy’s aim is to spread the joy of Pilates around the world and […]

Why Online Community Engagement Is Key For Your Brand

A chalkboard with the word "community" on it, the O replaced by a red heart.

A very warm welcome to community manager, Suzanne Buckley, who is sharing with us why online community engagement is so important. Suzanne is an expert in managing online communities; Facebook groups, membership sites and everything in between, and she keeps the human connection at the core of her work. Community is a buzzword in online […]